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  1. SELLE SMP PLUS SADDLE AMAZON   I have not bought this saddle yet, it is hard for me to tell the difference between this model and the "Avant" model. The "Plus" model seems to be a little more padded and a little wider than the "Avant" model. "Plus" model weighs: 360grams, size: 279x159mm. "Avant" model weighs: 335grams, size: 269x154. Seems like micro differences to me.

    ►The Selle SMP Strike Plus saddle is designed from extensive studies conducted which analyzed the different positions assumed by a cyclist in the various phases of a ride and the constant interaction between the body and the saddle. Based on these findings, Selle SMP designed the STRIKE saddle which prevents the cyclist's sensitive areas from getting squashed and increases the blood flow to the leg muscles. Selle SMP makes the saddle in Italy. The central channel of the saddle varies in width to contour the body and allow continuous circulation of blood flow. The front section of the saddle with its beak-shaped design offers excellent support when pedaling hard and prevents your sensitive area from getting squashed in the process. The design of the outer mid-section is shaped to follow your thigh muscles to maximize blood circulation and pedaling power. The overall weight of the rider is distributed throughout the saddle to offer comfort without sacrificing performance. This allows you to exert more power while in the saddle and ride longer more comfortably. The Selle SMP Strike Plus saddle keeps the same design of the patented STRIKE saddle but with a wider platform and increased padding that provides more comfort when riding. FEATURES - Weight: 330 grams Dimesions: 279 x 159 mm Cover: Nap leather. Padding: Foamed elastomer. Casing: Nylon 12 charged with carbon fibre. Frame: AISI 304 tubular steel rails. Plus uses the same body as the Pro model, the much thicker padding guarantees maximum comfort. It is covered in real leather in the black versions and Lorica microfiber in the colored versions. PLUS is generously padded, also recommended for trekking bicycles. The patented features by Selle SMP, such as the completely free central channel, the original eagle-beak nose and the raised rear give these models an interesting aerodynamic touch. It is also recommended for trekking bicycles. Suited for people with medium-wide and wide pelvises.◄
  2. MANTA BICYCLE SADDLE   This unique bicycle seat even though it looks slightly odd, was named after the manta ray fish, but provides a lot of comfort probably to the user. When i first saw this seat i thought maybe it was a joke. But upon further research it seems to be the real deal. This seat is currently being developed in Europe (i think England). But, keep in mind that the picture on the right is a general idea of the seat. They have since modified it to be a little shorter in the nose. Anyway, be sure and visit this website; they have redesigned their saddle and you can now purchase it for approximately $124.00 American dollars.

    ►Manta's revolution in bicycle saddle design changes the whole feel of being seated on a bicycle. Compared to conventional saddles and alternatives the manta saddle is very different. No compromise re-engineering; it is more than a saddle without a nose. The manta saddle has a significantly increased support area . . . And has removed the nose by articulating the support area, allowing it to move as one with a larger proportion of a rider's supportable area than any other saddle - i.e. including firm parts of the legs, not just the ischial, sit bones. The manta saddle gives a pressure pattern with the mass distributed over a greater area, fewer high spots and significantly lower peak pressures. Many other alternative saddles have gone the route of simply removing the nose, a good thing in itself except this also reduces the support area significantly - which is where our design is very different. NEWS! Due to feedback from testing in the wild and with no compromise to the design, Manta has reduced the size of the front support area, this has actually improved the feel and overall day-to-today usability, gives a nice "planted" feel and makes initial setup easier.◄
  3. SELLE ROYAL RESPIRO XSENIUM SADDLE   This is the men's model. Selle Royal has a good selection of comfort seats. Most or all are pretty much standard bicycle seat style, that means they all have a "horn or nose". Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Selle Royal Respiro Moderate Men's Cool Xsenium Saddle is dedicated to the demanding cyclist. In hot weather, when leaving a bike in the sun or riding for a long period of time, a saddle can increase in temperature. Rising above the rider's skin temperature, the saddle creates an unpleasant feeling of perspiration and discomfort. Eventually this discomfort can cause pain. Respiro, meaning breathe in Italian, avoids this by keeping the saddle up to 25 percent cooler thanks to the cool microtex cover and the ventilation channel. This saddle is anatomically designed specifically for men for maximum comfort and blood flow. The moderate design of the saddle focuses RoyalGel padding in the middle to rear of the saddle to provide more relief where the sit bones and weight of the rider is located. Xsenium is a rubberized vinyl cover that allows the RoyalGel below to move freely and more dynamically in all three dimensions. Specs: Color - Black; Rail - Magnesium Galvanized; Weight - 465 grams; Length - 277mm; Width - 182mm; ICS - Yes; Mod. Elastomers - Yes.◄
  4. GYES PARKSIDE LEATHER SADDLE W/SPRINGS   Here's an alternative to the Brooks Saddle. Looks similar to the Brooks B-68 saddle, but a little lower price. Actually, this saddle is made in Taiwan. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    • Genuine leather touring style
    • Chromoly rails
    • Adjustable tension feature-allen key included
    • Springs for additional comfort
    • Tabs on back for seat bags
    • 270mm x 210mm

  5. BROOKS SPANNER WRENCH   This is the wrench used to tighten or loosen the nut on the Brooks Saddles equipped with such a nut. Some Brooks Saddles do not use this wrench, but instead you have to use a long shank (8in long x 3/8in wide tip long shank or longer best) flat blade screwdriver to adjust the tension screw under the leather cover of the saddle. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The Brooks Standard Spanner works on most models with the following exceptions:

    • Swallow Titanium, which has its own specific spanner
    • Swift Titanium, which can be tensioned with an allen key
    • B33, B135 and B190 which can be tensioned with a large slotted (8in long shank, not including the handle) screwdriver◄

  6. COMFORT LINE   This website and video is in the German language and i sure wish they had an english version, because they feature some comfort saddles in a very clear manner. I think the first seat shown is the "Anatomic 412", the second is the "BigBen Saddle" and the third is the "DD Wings" and the fourth is the "Wings Saddle" and the fifth is the "Manta Saddle". Even if you cannot speak German this is a good video to watch.

    ►In order to take care that you select an incorrect saddle offers COMFORTLINE you a 4-week test warranty, in which you have plenty of time to the selected saddle to test it on your own bike or to return if not 100% satisfied (except the carbon saddles are the Black Mamba line). Do not hoard saddles, but go the right and most comfortable saddle for you!◄
  7. THE PUMP SEAT   This seat is different in that you actually pump air into the seat to establish a personal level of comfort. Actually, this website has been up for quite a long while. I had started this page probably over 5 years ago and they were listed here at the start as far as i can remember.

    Click Above 👆
    ►The Pump Seats is a Montana company offering the only genuine air cushioned bicycle seat on the market. A revolution in biking comfort the seat features a patented air bladder system that is fully adjustable to accommodate all body types and biking styles. The Pump Seats are like riding on a cloud. They can eliminate the pelvic, rump and back discomfort commonly found with bicycle or stationary bike seats. The Pump Seats patented air bladder system is easily adjusted with a small hand pump allowing for inflation or deflation of the seat according to individual comfort and riding needs. Another feature is removable seat coverings, constructed with a smooth lycra fabric, make getting on and off the bike easy. The coverings are washable and can be replaced if necessary. Each seat is handcrafted and features a generous sandwich of high density foam between the air bladder and the ergonomically designed seat platform.

    The Pump Seats come in four styles:
    • The Limo - Just as its name implies this is the ultimate comfort a bike seat can offer. This seat is designed for use on stationary bikes or on a cruiser bike. With a seating area of 105 square inches it is the widest Pump Seat and has six times more surface area of other seats designed to protect the perineum. In addition, the Limo has a full inch of medium density foam over the air cushion, allowing the rider to use a very low air pressure while maintain clearance for the crotch. Width of the seat is 15 inches Length is 11 inches Seat footprint is 72 square inches.
    • Hornless Limo - This sleek seat is the only hornless adjustable air seat on the market. It can be adjusted to your own comfort level by using the hand held pump, which comes with the seat. This seat distributes your weight evenly with no pressure points allowing you to just enjoy your ride in comfort. Smooth Lycra covers the seat, with a gripping 'sharkskin' fabric over the seat contact area. The Hornless seat is designed for use on any bicycle or stationary exercise bike. The seat width measures 15 inches, the length measures 7 inches.
    • Easy Rider - A wide, plush seat for a luxurious ride. This is an excellent all-around seat that will fit nicely on a mountain bike or a cruiser bike providing twice the seating area of a standard mountain bike seat. The seat width measures 10.5 inches and it's length measures 11 inches.
    • Pioneer - A high performance model for people who want a slightly wider seat area. This seat is designed for riders who want a higher level of comfort. Seat width measures 7.5 inches The length measures 10.5 inches.◄
  8. BROOKS B-135 SADDLE   This seat has a very high star rating on It is not their widest seat, i think maybe it's a medium width. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The B135 is one of our most heavily-sprung models designed for use on third world country roads, featuring double rear coil springs and a double loop front spring. Seating comfort is accounted for by the leather top, which has the same shape of our well known B66 model. It is one of the most comfortable saddles you will ever own. Full suspension, mounts to new micro-adjust seat posts with adapter (seat sandwich available from or Brooks Seat Sandwich (SA003) $17.95). Unlike the single rail saddles that use one set of very stiff springs, this model incorporates the tried and true dual spring suspension design. Two sets of springs with variable tension give the plushest ride available. No need for suspension bikes that cost a fortune. Length: 289mm, Width: 205mm, Height: 117mm, Weight: 1630g.◄
  9. BROOKS SADDLES DOUBLE RAIL ADAPTER   Here is the "Seat Sandwich" we have discussed somewhere else on this website which is used to attach seats like the Brooks B-135, B-33, B-66, B-73, & B-190 4-rail frame to your micro-adjust seatpost. This is actually called the: "Breezer double-rail adaptor for Brooks saddles and one-bolt seatposts". It's called "Breezer" because the the Breezer bicycle company makes it i guess, but it is sold by the Niagara Cycle Works. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►From Amazon: Using only Brooks saddles, one of them, the B66 has double rails. I wanted to use a single screw patent post, so I searched the web here in Europe for something like this, but nothing. I even contacted Brooks in the UK who give me an address in the US where I could probably buy one - why doesn't Brooks produce something like this? - it turned out though that the company would not consider postage outside the US. Then I found it on Amazon - where else? - where I purchased it from Xtreme Bike and Sport. Great service with normal postage rates and it even arrived in Germany 10 days after ordering - I can certainly recommend this company. Installation is, as someone else already wrote, simple and not only extends the life of my B66 and, more importantly, allows for a much finer angle-adjustment.◄

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