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  1. Namo Seat NAMO SEAT   I want to include this new design saddle here, but by the looks of their website and other places it does not appear ready for market yet. Hopefully you can buy this sometime in the near future.

    ►Introducing the worlds first natural motion bicycle seat! We at Namo Dynamics are a small but dedicated team of people who brought together a rich and versatile set of skills that allowed for the development of the first natural motion bicycle seat. The inventor behind Namo Seat is a long time design engineer whose design services span over many years and have been appreciated by numerous automotive and agricultural corporations in the USA. Namo Seat is the only bicycle seat that allows the rider to maintain a straight posture during pedaling. This is possible because the seat moves together with the rider's body exactly the way his/her legs and hip bone require. Traditional seats create friction and compression of tissues between the seat and hip bones which causes discomfort. Namo avoids this problem by moving with the riders pelvis. It all happens in a natural and unrestricted fashion providing correct support for the rider's body under all circumstances, therefore, resulting in the elimination of chafing and the pain associated with it. Namo seat greatly reduces chafing as well as fatigue because the rider doesn't have to overcome resistance of the seat anymore.◄
  2. Velo Bio Logic Bicycle Saddle VELO BIO:LOGIC SADDLE   This seat here has a lot of good reviews on It is a slimmer seat, not the big fat seat you would associate with comfort. I have not tried this seat yet, it looks like a take-off from the "Selle SMP Avant Saddle".

    ►Hit the road on the Velo(r) bio:logic men's bike saddle. This ergonomically designed bike seat is padded for a comfortable ride and designed with airflow-promoting channels.

    • Arc-tech suspension.
    • Seamless cover material.
    • Protection on front and rear of saddle.
    • Weighs 358 grams.

    Some Reviews:

    I replaced a well broken in Brooks B-17 saddle with this. I spend long hours touring on the bicycle. I found myself standing often on long rides (2-5 hrs) to relieve sit bone pressure. There was also a chafing problem on long tours that required the use of butt cream. The Velo came to my attention while questioning a Dallas bicycle patrolman about his saddle. Said it was stock issue for the department, he spent about 6 hours a day on it, and that it was "OK". After about 50 hours of riding the Velo, I've decided that it may a better fit for my rear than the Brooks. Don't have to stand as often, no chafing, and it's water proof. Don't expect it to last as long, but what saddle will? Plus, I can buy 4 Velo's for the price of a B-17. Just not near as classy looking as the Brooks.

    I had trouble on long training rides with a lot of seats, since I am big and heavy. This one is the one I just installed, started riding on, and felt like being on my couch. I simply love it. (Background: Triathlete, 190lbs, seat on road bike, distances in training ridden on this seat up to 70 miles) Superb price/product ratio.

    I tried several of the seats available on Amazon. This one was definitely the most comfortable in every way. I am a 6ft - 230lb man. My original bike seat (Bontrager H1) was very painful to ride on. Slightly better than that was the "Planet Bike Men's ARS Anatomical Relief" saddle. But this Velo saddle is FAR better than that one. Everyone is shaped differently, I know, but I recommend you try this one first.◄
  3. Picture of The ►Contour Seat◄ CLOUD 9 SEATS   This saddle incorporates the features designed into a farm tractor seat to provide comfort in bicycle riding. Please note the "Contour Seat" (the saddle pictured on the right) is a full 16" wide, the widest seat available. This company has other comfort seats which are of a more conventional design. I am featuring their "Contour Seat" model here.

    ►The comfort of any bicycle seat is related to its size not its softness. Don't be taken in or confused by gimmicks such as foam padding or gel inserts. Did you ever wonder why a farmer can sit in a hard, stamped metal seat all day while he plows his fields? It's because the weight of his body is distributed over the large area of the seat. No padding at all! This simple and obvious concept was the driving force behind Cloud-9. We have created a seat with a large surface area and removed the painful seat horn which causes painful contact points in the crotch and buttock areas. This results in a seat that is perfect for elderly riders or anyone tired of the pain caused by typical bicycle seats.◄
  4. Brooks B-190 Saddle BROOKS B190 SADDLE   For heavy set riders or for super comfort. I believe that this is Brooks largest saddle and for right now it is available in the color of black only. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Brooks Saddles B190 is the newest of our heavy duty saddles, featuring double rear coil springs and a double loop front spring. Seating comfort is accounted for by the largest leather top Brooks manufactures. The black leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 1850 grams.◄

    • Length: 324mm
    • Width: 249mm
    • Height: 135mm
    • Weight: 1850g
    • Made in England

  5. My Brooks B73 Saddle Mounted on my Torker Cargo-T BROOKS B73 SADDLE   I think this is one of Brooks first models ever made, but people still like and buy it. Picture on the right is of my own personal Brooks B-73 Honey color, mounted on my Torker Cargo-T hauling/cargo bicycle. Makes the bike look spectacular. It is "Dazzling". Please click on the picture at the right to buy from Amazon as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks. Note To Self: Buy Again.

    ►Back in the 1890's John Boultbee Brooks developed the first saddles featuring 3 springs, 2 at the rear and 1 at the front. The B73, introduced in the 1935 catalog, is the only model still featuring this construction. The B73 is similar in shape and dimensions to B66, so it is appropriate for recreational or utility cycling in a fairly upright posture. Please note that some cyclists comment that the B73 has more lateral motion than our other saddles, because of the extra front spring. The honey leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 1100 grams.◄

    • Features Three Springs: Two at the Rear, One in Front
    • Used for Recreational or Utility Cycling in an Upright Posture
    • More Lateral Motion from Front Spring
    • Rear Part of the Saddle is Wider
    • Tubular Steel Rivets

  6. The SEAT Ergo Ultimate model ERGO THE SEAT "ULTIMATE" SADDLE   This Ergo model has the gel padded/Lycra fabric cover, softer than the vinyl covered Ergo saddle. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from Amazon as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►A lycra-covered soft gel seat for ultimate, cushioned comfort. The "ULTIMATE" model Lycra/Gel Seat has gel pad that pick-up your sit-bones. It is backed up with a foam cushion and covered with lycra fabric. The most comfortable we make.◄

    • "The SEAT" is the world's smartest, safest, and most comfortable bicycle seat.
    • "The SEAT" is ergonomically designed for maximum support.
    • "The SEAT" moves a rider's weight to the "Sit-Bones" instead of the crotch.
    • "The SEAT" virtually eliminates the pain, numbness, compressed nerves caused by conventional seats.
    • Standard "Rail-Mount" to 99% of existing seat posts without any hardware or adapters.

  7. Brooks B-68 Imperial Saddle BROOKS B68 IMPERIAL SADDLE   The model listed here is the men's model in the black color. This seat has no springs, just a center cut-out. One reviewer on says: "Being that I restore Vintage British bicycles Brooks is synonymous with these machines. Most of them came with them from the factory as Brooks was a subsidiary of Raleigh. But the sheer quality and durability of these saddles is legendary. Whilst quality was a passing issue through the late 60's into the seventies, with misaligned tags, and loose rivets, however all of these issues have long been remedied. The quality of the saddles today is perfection and there is no equal in the industry. They are still hand made by highly skilled workers, fine materials go into the construction, and if you take care of the leather and ONLY tension the saddle when it properly needs it - it should last at least 30 years. They are the best saddles made in the world period. The imperial cut-outs do relieve some pressure, and I have had NONE of the issues of the sides of the cutout being uncomfortable or feeling them flex whilst riding. I would recommend to tighten the lace in the saddle sides. I will personally use NO other saddle than an imperial. They feel great, break in much faster than others, and the lace and cut outs look great. If you have ANY numbness whilst cycling try one of these saddles." Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The B68 Imperial features the central cut-out, first designed by BROOKS over 100 years ago. The "Registered Cutting", as can be read in the 1890 catalog, is "a sure preventive to all perineal pressure". Made In England◄
  8. Picture of Adamo Typhoon Saddle ISM ADAMO TYPHOON   I guess this is their "General Purpose" model. I like the looks of it, but i have not tried it yet. This is the workhorse of their product line and offers ultimate comfort with its plush padding. The Typhoon works in all applications be it road riding, triathlon, commuting, trails or spin bikes. Truly a Jack of All Trades for fitness enthusiasts. Uses plush foam padding with gel and satin steel rails. 235mm long and 145mm wide. Sometimes this model is available on

    ►On these pages, you'll learn about a patented, first-of-its-kind bike seat. Whether your passion is riding around the neighborhood or competing in triathlons and road races, Ideal Saddle Modification combines state-of-the-art design & technology with comfort & durability. The result is the ISM™ Saddle. Whether your ride is 20 minutes or 112 miles, we're completely confident you'll find the ISM™ a refreshing feel for your body. Take a look around our site and see for yourself. Every so often, a product comes along that changes the way we think about something or the way we do something . . . The ISM™ is that product!◄
  9. Bodyfloat Seatpost BODYFLOAT   This is a relatively new invention which i want to include here on my website. I also would like to buy this to try it out. Looks like it might work.
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    ► The BodyFloat™ isolation seatpost was born out of necessity by founder Paul Barkley while serving in the Peace Corps on the rough roads of Uganda. While bicycle evolution was clearly not the mission of his trip, he found it essential to improve his endurance in the saddle while traveling extended distances on two wheels. As an excellent bike mechanic, former frame designer, fabricator and bike shop owner he invented the first crude version of a suspension seatpost. This design became the basis of the current BodyFloat™; a technically advanced isolation system that dramatically improves the comfort and performance of any bike. At the end of summer 2011, Barkley and Charlie Heggem formed Cirrus Cycles to bring the BodyFloat™ to market.◄
  10. Bi-Saddle BI-SADDLE®   This seat has been around for quite some time and appears to be quite heavy-duty looking in the pictures. I have not tried this seat yet, but would kind of like to try it. It is different than anything i have up on this website.

    ►The saddle is designed to support riders only on the bottom of their pelvic girdle and not put pressure on any soft tissue (perineum). The saddle consists of two individually adjustable surfaces that have two points of adjustment each (front and back, thus lots of adjustability). These surfaces are contoured to fit the curvature of the bottom bones of the pelvic girdle (Ischiopubic rami and Ischial Tuberosities to be exact). These surfaces are mounted on a frame that allows the surfaces to be positioned to allow for both separation and angular variations. The design also eliminates the pressure that the standard saddle horn puts on nerves, arteries & veins that run along the sides of the ischiopubic rami (legs of the V). The adjustability of the surfaces was initially thought to allow riders to position the surfaces directly underneath their unique pelvic architecture. Subsequent experience has shown that positioning of the surfaces must also take into account individual variations in where nerves, veins and arteries exist. The latest version of the BiSaddle® includes optional height shims for the surfaces to accommodate potential pelvic variations.◄
  11. MOONSADDLE   I am happy to see so many different people developing these comfortable bicycle seats. Here's another one.
    Update 6-12-05: The "MoonSaddle" website is back up. That's great!

    ►Will MoonSaddle fit on my existing seat post? Yes, MoonSaddle should fit MOST standard seat posts. In 2008 we redesigned the rails, helping to ensure that you can install the saddle on your existing seat post with minimal effort and adjustment. However, there is such a variety of seat posts being used on bicycles today, that we do occasionally come across a seat post that will not work with the MoonSaddle. In this instance, we would recommend purchasing the Inline Alloy Seat post and Clamp we offer for sale. You will need to know the diameter, measured in millimeters, of your existing seat post so that we can ship you the correct size. It is usually stamped into the metal towards the top or bottom of the post, and might appear as: 27.2mm or similar. Is MoonSaddle just for casual riders? NO! MoonSaddle is for everyone! We have a very diverse clientele, from casual riders to commuters to folks training for triathlons to people doing century rides to people who have ridden MoonSaddles clear across the United States! The common theme among all of our customers is getting away from the pain and health risks associated with riding a traditional "nosed" bicycle saddle. Is MoonSaddle just for men? NO! MoonSaddle is for men, women, even children! The benefits to men are obvious, however we have just as many female riders as male riders. Regardless of gender, size or shape, we all have nerves, blood vessels and other soft tissues that are impinged while riding a traditional seat. Everyone should experience the many benefits from riding the MoonSaddle! Am I too large for MoonSaddle, and are there different sizes? NO! One of the beautiful things about MoonSaddle's unique and innovative design is that one size fits all! The concept of the MoonSaddle is that your "Sit Bones" are being supported in the lip of the saddle. Because of MoonSaddle's shape, there would never be an instance of someone having "Sit Bones" that are wider than the base of support the saddle offers. You do not want a saddle that supports your soft tissues, causing pain, numbness and potentially permanent damage. What is the difference between the 2008 model and the 2007 model? The saddle itself is the same, the difference is in the rails. The 2007 models have rails that are much closer to the saddle body and do not have the built-in 20-30 degree angle. (When you mount the MoonSaddle it should NOT be horizontal. It should sit on your bike at a 20-30 degree angle, adjusted slightly for the angle that is most comfortable to you.) The 2008 model has rails with the angle built right in, and there is more space between the saddle and the rails which allows for easier adjustment and the use of saddle bags, etc. Why is MoonSaddle shaped like a crescent moon? MoonSaddle has a unique shape, no question about that! It is designed this way for many reasons. First of all, the shape provides pressure free support for all sizes and genders of people. Paired with sitting at a 20-30 degree angle on your bike, it is shaped this way to minimize interference with the downstroke motion of pedaling. It has the raised portions on each side of the surface of the saddle to provide a "lip" where your sit bones are cradled, preventing you from sliding forward on the saddle. Last but not least, the balance and control you sacrifice from not having a "nose" on the saddle is regained in the "tips" of the MoonSaddle. Riders report that they learn to use their bodies differently with a MoonSaddle, and they use their hips against these "tips" for better balance and control of their bicycles. What if I buy MoonSaddle and I don't like it? You can try MoonSaddle for up to 60 days from the date of purchase. If you aren't satisfied for any reason, you may return it for a full refund (minus a $10 restocking charge and shipping and handling charges). Are there any local dealers where I can see MoonSaddle? Yes, we have several showroom dealers across the USA and one in the UK. However we are still a fairly small but steadily growing company and we are always looking for more bicycle shops to carry our saddles, so if you have a favorite bike shop, email us and we'll be happy to contact them to see if they are interested in becoming a showroom. What keeps me from just sliding off? The raised portions on each side of the surface of the saddle to provide a "lip" where your sit bones are cradled, preventing you from sliding forward on the saddle.◄

    • 5 Great colors to select from
    • Most comfortable bike saddle ever built
    • Waterproof and scuff resistant
    • Lightweight with low maintenance
    • Moon Saddle's design utilizes the natural support system of the skeletal structure and includes several anatomy-friendly features
    • Engineered to fit everyone: Youth to adult anatomies
    • 140,000 LB tensile strength stainless steel tubing

  12. Velo Elastomer Bicycle Saddle VELO SADDLES   Actually, this business based in Taiwan supplies many saddles for many bicycle manufacturers. Most of their recreational saddles are pretty much standard design as far as i can tell. Velo has an excellent selection of comfort bicycle seats for street riding. Picture on the right is: "The Velo Elastomer Bicycle Seat and is packed with features for a smooth and comfortable ride. Elastomer spring shocks absorb some of the impact of bumpy trails. Velos special D2 construction provides a soft, yet firm ride for just the right amount of support. The Elastomer Seat features a
    textured surface and comes complete with a seat clamp for easy seatpost attachment." Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Velo Enterprise began with one woman's vision to create perfect saddles for all types of demanding cyclists. In 1979, Stella Yu founded Velo Enterprise Co., Ltd. with the goal of meeting the individual needs of every cyclist. Velo now looks back at over 30 years of consistent development and learning from this experience. The company is proud to be among the world's leading designers and manufacturers of high-quality saddles, grips and handlebar tapes, confirming that, "For 15 million cyclists a year, one brand just feels right!" Driven by a constant pursuit of success, Velo uses its expertise to tailor all of its products to different types of cyclists, including recreational riders, passionate cycling enthusiasts and for professional BMX or mountain bike needs as well. Velo owns and operates two manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and another two in China supplying high-quality saddles and accessories to clients the world over. The research and development team works passionately to stay ahead of the technology curve and to develop new trends, elevating the sport to higher levels. Velo currently holds 17 patents and its engineers are intensely focused on building on these achievements.◄
  13. Bontrager Suburban Model No. 06374 BONTRAGER SADDLES   Bontrager has many bicycle seats for sale, some of them are comfort saddles, the one pictured on the right is their Bontrager "Suburban" model #06374.

    ►Featuring the same D2 dual compound padding and 9-spring support as the Boulevard, Suburbia takes luxury to the next level by including vibration damping elastomers and a built-in rear light. It's comfort and safety in one convenient package."

    Selecting a saddle is arguably the most personal component choice made by any rider. That's why every Bontrager saddle is backed by the Unconditional Comfort Guarantee—So you can be confident in your choice.◄

  14. Terry's Cite Y Gel Men's Saddle TERRY CITE Y GEL SADDLE   This men's saddle has mixed reviews on Amazon. some people like it and at least one person claims this seat is just an ordinary bicycle saddle - i guess he means no special comfort level. But, about this saddle from the manufacturer: "Designed for the recreational rider who spends a half day on the bike or less, rides nearly upright with lots of weight against the saddle, prefers the closest thing to a pillow, or has significant lower back pain. A completely seamless, gel top with large cutaway is guaranteed to hit and miss in all the right places. Updated with elegant new graphics, the Cite's long-lasting synthetic vinyl top is easy to maintain and will look new for years."
    Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ► Meet Georgena Terry: I started this company in my basement in 1985 after figuring out rather quickly that corporate life wasn't my cup of tea. Being a mechanical engineer and passionate about bicycles, I learned the fine art of bike frame building and began making bicycles for myself and friends who couldn't find bikes that fit properly. After selling out at a trade show, I quit my job at Xerox and founded Terry Precision Bicycles for Women. The engineer and entrepreneur in me saw a huge, untapped market for bikes that fit women. This was revolutionary thinking 20+ years ago — and still is! Today, I continue to be consumed by all things cycling and have dedicated my professional life to making Terry Precision the ultimate resource for female cyclists, whether it's products or information that can't be found anywhere else. I personally ride 6000 miles annually, testing all manner of products so if something has "Georgena's Choice" on it, you can be certain it's the real deal. I feel fortunate to have hired like-minded people to work at Terry. Everyone here is committed to making our customers happy. Helping select the right gear. Finding the right size or right saddle. Working with a bike shop to get a Terry demo bike. I encourage you to write me at and let me know what we can do better.◄
  15. Leather Split Top Saddle SELLE ANATOMICA   This company called MCM manufactures "Selle Anatomica" bicycle saddles in the state of Wisconsin USA. They also sell titanium cassettes. Their products appear on their website as maybe more for the road racing type of bicycle use. There are probably a lot of recreational bicycle riders who prefer to use slender racing type saddles. But read this: "All models are excellent choices suitable for any type of bike or rider; weekend warriors, road & off road racing, brevet / randonneur, double century, road & mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, etc.

    ►Titanico is our widest at 145-155mm, offering the most accommodating sit bone contact area.
    Robusto is medium wide at 135-145mm. (Original designs not yet in production.)
    Settebello is our narrow model at 125-135mm. (Original designs not yet in production.)

    Leather - We offer two high quality molded leather products:
    1. Second Skin leather, a unique proprietary product.
    2. Traditional saddle leather. Leather laminate under layer - If your weight is above 180lbs / 82kg we make a Clydesdale Laminate Model at no added cost. Simply state your weight in the Message to Seller field when checking out or in an email immediately following your order. The Traditional Saddle Leather model is available with or without our Patent Pending laminates. The saddle without a laminate is an excellent choice for lightweight riders and those who only ride occasionally and not in foul weather. All our saddles are suitable for road, mountain, and cruiser bikes".◄
  16. Rido R2 Saddle RIDO-CYCLE SADDLES   I have purchased to date two of these seats. I think the company is based in England and they give me good dependable service. The seat is completely different than any other i have tried, but seems to work well. It is not a soft comfy type of seat - it just seems to be designed in such a way as to prevent butt pain but no real cushy type comfort. Also, i think it will take a little while to get used to. I like them and would or will buy more from them. I am putting them at the top of the list because this seat seems to me to work well and does what the inventor says it will do. It is a low cost light weight well designed saddle.

    ► Sitting comfortably on a bicycle is all about the effective dispersal and manipulation of the pressure of the downward force of the rider's weight as it impacts on the saddle's surface. Subtly shifting the pressure away from those sensitive and delicate areas of the anatomy and onto those parts for which sitting is really intended. This is the RIDO saddle concept and it will both rejuvenate and enhance your enjoyment of cycling.◄

  17. Ravx Gello Hybrid Seat RAVX   They sell a line of men's and women's comfort saddles including Beach Cruiser Saddles, Hybrid/Cross bicycle type Comfort Saddles. Pretty good selection of standard design style comfort seats. Picture on the right is of their "RavX Gello Hybrid Seat".

    ►Our design team blends art and function, creating a style that defines RavX. This website showcases our unique style and many original designs to keep the cycling experience fresh and exciting. The objects we create have you in mind and your needs direct us. Function drives the design and style finishes it off - increasing your riding enjoyment - with quality ruling the process. The extensive range meets the needs of every level of cyclist, adding comfort and style to your ride. Technologically advanced materials give strong, lightweight performance and innovative products enhance the riding experience. You love cycling - RavX wants the experience to be great!◄
  18. Comfort Saddle COMFORT SADDLE   This website has been up for quite awhile. This business is based in the UK. They have one model only of this seat and it is suitable for all types of people i guess. Update: They now have: "The RQ8 System. The RQ8 double wish-bone suspension system has been developed to let your body move naturally whilst cycling, making your saddle part of you instead of your bike. Fitting the RQ8 is simple, with full instructions provided".

    ►The Comfort Saddle is a revolutionary breakthrough in bike seat comfort for recreational cyclists. It is a unique bike seat designed to alleviate the discomfort many cyclists experience with conventional saddles. The patented RQ8 suspension system moves with you as you pedal, matching the motion of the seat to your natural swaying movements, giving you a more efficient, balanced and smoother ride. The suspension does not require you to balance on the horn of a bicycle seat so the Comfort Saddle has no horn. It can take you over any terrain without risking damage to those parts of your body normally defended by your pelvis, that conventional horned saddles are so perfectly designed to defeat.◄
  19. Picture of Adamo Century Model ISM SADDLES   Very well done website. They currently have 5 models to choose from depending on the type of riding you do. Available at some local bike shops (see their dealer list) and i have seen at least one model for sale on eBay ( "The Ideal Seat"). Picture on the right is of their "Adamo Century Model". Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Ideal Saddle Modification is the brainchild of Steve Toll, an avid cyclist and swimmer living in Tampa, Florida. In the winter of 1997, following a bike ride with his wife, Laura, Steve sketched out a design for a seat he thought would eliminate, or at least reduce, the discomfort most riders experience on a traditional bike saddle. By 1999, with some assistance from his family, the concept was patented. That's a significant milestone for an industry that hasn't seen a major saddle change in years. Flash forward to today - through hard work and tenacity, Steve has not only created a state-of-the-art bike saddle, he is also being sought out by experts in the cycling industry who want the opportunity to test and ride the ISM™. Our staff lives for cycling. If we aren't working an expo on the weekends or on the phones taking orders, chances are you'll see us mixing it up at local road rides, terrorizing the trails, or training for our next triathlon. If you see us at an event, come by and chat. Chances are you'll even get a free t-shirt or transition towel for test riding a saddle. We hope you contact us with any of your questions. Call and you'll get a real person with real answers. E-mail us and you'll receive a response in hours. ISM™ promises to deliver the best customer service possible. ISM™ saddles are available through all local bike shops. If you can't find one locally, check out our dealer locater for a shop near you. If that doesn't work, contact one of our fine online dealers. And if you still can't find a seat, contact us and we'll gladly find a dealer for you. Take one for a ride. Your body will thank you. The ISM™ will revolutionize the bicycle industry.◄
  20. Koobi Au Enduro Model KOOBI SADDLES   Presenting "Handmade saddles from Italy". For those of you who prefer a more racy slender looking saddle, this might be for you. Most or all of the Koobi saddles are designed to provide a certain level of comfort depending on several factors such as your gender, your weight, hours per week of riding, type of biking: Mountain, road, time trial, etc. These saddles look to be well made and have their own unique identity. Picture on the right is of their "Koobi Au Enduro Bike Saddle". Is it a Race-horse or a Work-horse? You decide. Koobi increased the volume of padding by 20% and reduced the density of the padding by 18% as compared to the firm-rated Xenon. The Koobi AU Enduro Saddle bridges the gap between a touring saddle and a lightweight racing saddle. Designed to take the abuse, the Enduro also comes equipped with rear Kevlar edges and reinforced stitching. Add lightweight Manganese rails and it weighs in at 259 grams. Koobi's patented Splitfit Technology ensures comfort and adds a new streamlined shape, including a thinner nose. Made in Italy, the AU Enduro offers the same high-quality workmanship and style as the Xenon. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    • Padding Firmness - Medium (For cyclists riding 5-7 hours per week)
    • Rail - Manganese
    • Weight - 259g
    • Cover - Leather and Kevlar
    • Dimensions - Length = 275mm, Width = 1in back from tip of saddle: 38mm, 3in back from tip of saddle: 45mm, Rear of saddle: 155mm

  21. Brooks Model No. B66 BROOKS B66 SADDLE   Another popular model from Brooks Saddles. I have not tried this particular model, but i have used the B-67 model only difference being the manner in which they attach to the seat post. B-66 uses old style seat post clamp system and B-67 is equipped with modern rail system. But, this seat is very comfortable and not very big either. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from Amazon as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The B66 and B66 S are among BROOKS's most loved products, having been on the market since 1927. Classically sprung with double rails for supreme comfort, B66 and B66 S are the ideal all-rounders for daily city or touring use in a rather upright posture. They are most appropriate for cyclists who set their handlebars higher than their saddles. In general, the more upright your riding posture, the wider, and more heavily sprung, the saddle you should choose.◄
  22. DD Wings Saddle DDWINGS SADDLE   This is an Italian made comfort seat that has been around for quite awhile as far as i can tell. Also, need to mention that this seat includes a seat post with your purchase. I do not think the seat can be bought without the accompanying seat post. But, they have a lot of different sizes available and probably they will have your size, click on the drop down list to select proper seat post size for your bike(s). Click on the picture at the right to buy from

    ►Stop having pain when riding your bicycle! Now you can have the revolutionary DDwings® saddle! With this revolutionary saddle you do not need any more wadding to avoid pain. After trying this you will not use the old shape saddle anymore! Consider for just a moment where your body weight is concentrated when you sit on your bicycle . . . With this new saddle, the central support that hurts you literally disappear consequently your weight is not pressing there anymore. You will regain the pleasure of riding a bicycle avoiding any pain and any prostatic problem as well. With this new concept saddle you will comfortably seat. Your way of pedaling will be fluid and stronger because you can better thrust on the pedals. This saddle is fully made in Italy from fist quality and durable materials. You can easily set it up to find your best riding position. Unisex. Suitable for every kind of bicycle. Worldwide patented.Kefren was born with the goal of transforming in productive reality the bicycle saddle DDwings® which functionality exceeds definitively the so called "bike saddle syndrome". The company, with main office in Vicenza province in an industrial area which have the European supremacy in the saddles and cycling optionals production, tells itself apart also for the powerful shove to the technological and product innovation.◄
  23. Schwinn No Pressure Bicycle Seat SCHWINN NO PRESSURE SEAT   This seat has a fairly high star rating on I have used one similar to it and i did not like it. But, don't let that stop you from buying and trying, because you might like it. Keep in mind that it is very important with these seats to get the adjustment of the pitch (tilt) and height just right in order to maximize the comfort of these seats. As i remember, the seat limited my pedaling and i concluded it was only useful on something like a cruiser bike or something where a person would go very slow. To me it was like trying to pedal sitting on a chair. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The Schwinn® No-Pressure seat is designed to limit pressure point content. It's crafted with high-density, comfort foam.◄
  24. Spongy Wonder MK9A model SPONGY WONDER BICYCLE SEAT   I bought one of these seats. They make a heavy-duty seat for people over the standard weight limit. You can see the seat mounted on my Xootr bike. But i have experienced a lot of soreness from the seat and have temporarily suspended it's use until i can find some way to make the seat more comfortable. It is a very well built seat but there is not much "give" to the heavy-duty seat and maybe this is contributing to the problem. I ended up selling the seat to a lady on eBay and she told me she likes it. However, i have since purchased another one to use on one of my 20in folding bikes which has a pretty good suspension system to help absorb road shock(s). These seats are really well made and are very good quality. Also, want to mention the "Seat Cover" offered for sale is a good item to use on the pads, i always buy them for my Spongy Wonder seats. Picture on the right is of my Spongy Wonder MK9A model seat.

    ►The SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT puts absolutely no damaging pressure on any portion of the male or female anatomy. SPONGY WONDER INC is located in New Brunswick, Canada. We have been making cyclists happy since 1999. All Spongy Wonder Bike Saddle components (except the foam which is made in another part of Canada) are made locally. Each Spongy Wonder Seat comes with an extra set of foam pads so that if you should damage your seat in transport (or for any other reason) you will not be left with a "chewed up seat" as you would be with other bicycle seats. Also, the cushioning foam of the Spongy Wonder Bicycle Seat is a closed cell material and does not absorb water. Our "Buy and Enjoy" pages are encrypted and secure. Prefer to order by Phone or send a check or money order? Talk to a real person at: 1-877-977-7328! Or e-mail us. Return policy: If you live in Canada or The USA you may return your SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT within 50 days from the date your seat was mailed and we will refund the total purchase price! If you live outside Canada or The USA you may return your SPONGY WONDER BIKE SEAT within 80 days from the date your seat was mailed and we will refund the total purchase price! Shipping and handling charges are not refundable. Seat posts are separate components from Bike saddles and are not part of your Spongy Wonder Bicycle saddle purchase. Have questions? Want to talk to a real person? Call Toll Free 1-877-977-7328 or email directly to the inventor! One number and one number only! Fussy about ordering online? Yes, we can take your order over the phone.◄
  25. Planet Bike 5019 ARS Saddle PLANET BIKE 5019 MEN'S ARS SADDLE   This particular seat from Planet Bike has a high star rating on Amazon. Available in both a mens and womens model. I have purchased one of these saddles, they work OK. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as it helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Full length center recess with hole through for comfortable anatomic relief. SuperSoft™ padding with flex support base for maximum comfort and support. Ultra Suede cover is durable and weatherproof.◄

    • Full length center recess with hole through for comfortable anatomic relief
    • SuperSoft™ padding with flex support base for maximum comfort and support
    • Ultra Suede cover is durable and weatherproof
    • 8"W x 10.5"L
    • Sit-bone GEL pads relieve pressure from soft tissue
    • Elastomer spring suspension for shock absorption

  26. Brooks Men's B-78 Saddle BROOKS B68 BICYCLE SADDLE (MEN'S)   There is an important point mentioned here: To maximize comfort you must use this seat with a bicycle equipt with a suspension frame or maybe/probably a "Thudbuster" seat post may work with this saddle without a suspension frame. I know some of you riders out there don't need any suspension frame or special seat post to use this saddle. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Brooks Saddles B68 is the newest versions of the B66 models. This saddle features the same leather tops as the B66 and B66 S, but without springs. It is the ideal saddle for modern full suspension city bikes. The black leather saddle features tubular steel rivets, and weighs 560 grams.◄

    • Features the Same Leather Top as the B66
    • Ideal Saddle for Modern Full Suspension City Bikes
    • Newest Version of B66 Models
    • Tubular Steel Rivets
    • Made for Leisurely Type of Cycling

  27. RealSeat Bicycle Seat REALSEAT™ BICYCLE SEAT   I remember when this seat first came out. I was skeptical about them staying in business because everyone is so sensitive about appearance, i did not think they would sell enough of these to stay in business. But, guess what! It looks like i was wrong and i am glad i was wrong and i am glad they are still in business and also it appears they have made changes to the design, looks to be a little more "Aircraft Quality" material.

    ►The home of the world's widest & most comfortable seats for bicycles! Our noseless & hornless bike seat is a soft & flexible comfort bicycle seat available in multiple sizes & colors that easily installs in minutes to any & all styles of new or older used women's and men's bicycles, including most exercise or stationary bikes, geriatric trikes, electric "e-bikes" bicycles, and some electric or gas scooters. And while our RealSeat™ will work fine on most any road, mountain or bmx style of bicycle, it is uniquely adapted to the easy riding ergonomics of modern comfort oriented models of bikes like: Electra's Townie, Amsterdam or Ticino, Giant's Suede, Simple, Cypress or Sedona, Trek's Pure, Calypso or Navigator, Raleigh's Venture, Calispel or Retro, Jamis' Explorer, Commuter or Hudson, 3G's Isla Vista, Venice, Puck or Newport, KHS's Smoothie, Westwood or Brentwood, Haro's Express, Heartland or Tradewind, Miele's Sienna, Umbria, Toscana or Capri, Fuji's Captiva, Sanibel or Sagres, Day 6's Dream or Journey and any other manufacturer like: Schwinn, Huffy, Diamondback, Cannondale, K2, Specialized, Kent, Mongoose, GT, Worksman, Next, Pacific, BH, Phat Cycle, Breezer, Aero-Fast, b Twin or NORCO. No longer do you have to torture yourself straddling an unyielding, unforgiving and uncomfortable bike saddle. Saddles are for horses! Each and every RealSeat™ starts with a specially designed CNC machined 6061 aluminum mount that will both clamp around the top of a standard tapered seat post shaft on bike and serve as main support for the heavy duty 6061 aluminum U-shaped welded seat frame that bolts to it. Our futuristic RealSeat™ will instead cradle & perch your bottom atop a dual padded and suspended nylon seat cover much like an outdoor folding chair. To finish and complete a seat, a dual padded custom designed 1200 Denier nylon seat cover is slid onto and tightened around the U-shaped seat frame tube via an internal webbing belt. The fitted and tightened seat cover is both flexible and comfortable to sit upon, and at the same time removes with ease. And if that were not enough . . . Our RealSeat™ comes to you fully assembled and installs in less than 10 minutes with only two wrenches!◄
  28. Un-Saddle their UN-Saddle®   OK, I have had this listing up for quite awhile, possibly about 5 years. In the meantime their website has changed locations somewhat and i do not know what is going on with this saddle, whether it is still being sold or not. The webpage for this saddle is somewhat buried in my opinion and a little difficult to find. This is another one of those seats that comes with a pre-attached seat post. You can select the right size seat post from their drop-down list. But, anyway they have three models to choose from: the "STANDARD", the QUALITY, & the "PREMIUM". And they do have an online order system in place, so you can still order this
    seat from their website. You might want to call them first to check on saddle availability though. Picture on the right is of their "Quality" model.

    ►The UN~Saddle® prevents the pushing forward of the upper body, ensuring proper and continuous ischial support. This also enables various positioning on the seat, for different cycling situations, without need of rail adjusting. It straightens out the legs stroke correcting the outward movement of the knees and eliminating the related injuries. As a further result of this, the legs work perpendicular on the pedals, maximizing the efficiency of the stroke and the overall performance. The UN~Saddle® allows natural mobility in the pelvis area: The thigh muscles can fully contract without stressing the femur, hip and lower lumbar vertebrae preventing lower back pain. It improves the ability to transfer the weight when maneuvering. It also corrects the effects of one leg being shorter than the other, by evening out pedaling stroke. The UN~Saddle® prevents muscular and vascular compression in the perineum and the genitalia eliminating the risk of loss of circulation in the pelvic areas and the danger of both temporary and permanent impotence. It improves agility and quick reacting in technical riding. The UN~Saddle® offers an ideal supportive surface, an efficient fulcrum for the legs and the body to "lean against" rather than to "hang from". It also prevents chafing of the inner thighs. The UN~Saddle® facilitates to find the ideal position for each type of cycling, utilizing the best geometry of the bike. Shock Absorbing Too! The UN~Saddle® provides extra comfort with the three point elastomer cushioning.◄
  29. Brooks Saddle B33 Model BROOKS B-33 SADDLE   Here's an oldie but goodie. I am guessing that if you weigh over 200LBS this might be a good choice for you. I bought one these saddles. It is pretty good. Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►Brooks B33 Unique Leather Bicycle Saddle where Originally designed in 1938 for heavy duty cycling, the B33 is the only model still featuring stranded rear coil springs and a front loop. It's look gives the perfect finishing touch to a traditional city bicycle. It's strength makes it a good choice for heavier commuters.◄

    • Length 292mm. Width 235mm.
    • The B33 is a triple-rail saddle.
    • multi-strand coil springs, and is designed for the heavier rider.
    • The B33 is a super-heavy-duty sprung saddle designed to cope with poor road conditions.
    • This model is designed for maximum comfort on bad road surfaces in Third World Countries.

  30. Large Wide Size Sofa Gel Comfort Bike Seat SOFA COMFORT SEAT   I am including this saddle here because it has a high star rating on At the time i entered this listing there were a total of 28 reviews, most very positive. I am aware of the possibility that in many of these online reviews a certain percentage of them may be "shill" reviews. But, probably for the most part most reviews are from real users. Most people like to give their opinions when given the opportunity to do so. Actually they call this the "Large Wide Size Sofa Gel Comfort Bike Seat". Please click on the picture at the right to buy from as your purchase helps to support this site at no extra cost to you. Thanks.

    ►The comfortable, "Sofa-Sized" Lycra bicycle saddle is the largest bike saddle SunLite offers, measuring 11.5-by-12.5-inches (W x D). Elastomer spring suspension provides optimal impact absorption and long life, and a vented anatomic design provides optimal airflow and a custom fit that relieves pressure on sensitive areas and reduces fatigue, even on long rides. This is the Largest Bike Seat available. Not to soft and not to firm but just right to make those long rides more comfortable. Saddle has bottom coil springs to help cushion the ride.◄

    • Large Size 12.5in Long x 11.5in Wide
    • Widest Seat on the Market - Sofa Size
    • Vented Anatomic Relief
    • Coil Spring Suspension

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